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Aah yes, the test that proves your competence after 10-11 years of school that has enveloped your entire being for longer than it should have.

On Dec, 12th I took this test and shall now give a narrative on how everything played out, so that my experience can hopefully bring some light to the frightful concept of taking such a test (especially for homeschoolers who have likely never taken any sort of test in a public school).

Four weeks before my test I got mono (which I am still struggling with). As most people know, mono causes extreme fatigue- which means I was unable to study at all, for four weeks.

Now, as a homeschooler my educational background has been good. I’ve been to a co-op twice (didn’t work out well just with the scheduling), I’ve studied above my grade (not the smartest in the bunch, but decently bright), and I’ve gone on independent study- doing many projects and research papers voluntarily. However due to many severe health problems in my family, I’m behind in a few subjects. Biology, chemistry, algebra, and geometry. Yeah…a lot. But I’m versed enough in all of them to at least attempt the test.

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So as you may have guessed by the radness of this blog, I am homeschooled.

And as my first post, I decided to post this video, because it made me laugh. lol These guys are pretty hilarious…So! Enjoy!

(And oh yes, seeing as this IS a girls blog…if any homeschooled girls see this…Don’t fall for their humor and “charm”…I imagine they’re very serious in real life…….HA!…)


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