So as you may have guessed by the radness of this blog, I am homeschooled.

And as my first post, I decided to post this video, because it made me laugh. lol These guys are pretty hilarious…So! Enjoy!

(And oh yes, seeing as this IS a girls blog…if any homeschooled girls see this…Don’t fall for their humor and “charm”…I imagine they’re very serious in real life…….HA!…)



You’ve come to what will soon become your source for college information!

My name is Amber Lane and I will be writing here about my journey to college and through college so as to aid other future students from the confusion I faced (and am facing). Here you will find all your answers and receive reviews on helpful products for college and tips on getting through your work and staying responsible while still having fun!

Thank you for stopping by and please visit again!

I’ll have information up and going as soon as possible!


The College Girl is just the place for all your questions about college and transitioning from a teen to an adult. My name is Amber, and I'll be taking you with me on my crazy journey! Enjoy! :)

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