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Well today I was reading through a book I borrowed from the library:  SAT Vocabulary Prep Level 2 – Kaplan.

I LOVE this book. I got it because I adore learning new words, and being able to use them to describe things that a limited vocabulary would make difficult. I don’t want to take it back. I found here on the book for about $10! The book has the word and pronunciation on the front of the page, and then on the back it has the definition and a sentence it can be used in. It’s VERY easy to learn words with this book, and memorization is hard for me.

For homeschooling (of even public or private schooling) students, this book is definitely something that will help them write essays, poems, heck even comments on peoples facebook photos.

Like this:

“My you look ecstatically jubilant!”

People will either think you’re a know-it-all or just pleasantly smart. Either way, you’ll feel amazing being able to use such fantastic and intriguing words!

So as you may have guessed by the radness of this blog, I am homeschooled.

And as my first post, I decided to post this video, because it made me laugh. lol These guys are pretty hilarious…So! Enjoy!

(And oh yes, seeing as this IS a girls blog…if any homeschooled girls see this…Don’t fall for their humor and “charm”…I imagine they’re very serious in real life…….HA!…)


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Thank you for stopping by and please visit again!

I’ll have information up and going as soon as possible!


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