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Once you’ve gotten a good idea about what school you want to go to, you’ll start looking around at the dorms either online or on a tour of the school. And of course, like most colleges (at least the ones most people can afford) they simply wont be too pretty. And of course whether you’re an artist just itching to design the room into something magnificent or you’re just the average Jill who could care less, wanting only to stay out of debt and get through college as fast as possible… you cannot deny the fact that a room well organized with a touch of homey flare will help you get through college much easier. (That was a really long sentence).

The sad fact is though, that once you get the drive to organize and stylize, you’re going to be stopped dead in your tracks by rules. Yep…rules. They do indeed exist in college (bummer, right?). Usually, most colleges will not permit you to make holes in, or paint the wall. So you need to make sure to check with them, otherwise you will be paying a huge fine at the end of the school year for the “damages” done.

Once you have sorted through the parameters your creativity must be constrained to, you are free to go!

Dorm Co is the perfect store to find cheap dorm organizational decor, as well as lighting! Unlike most stores online, they are ACTUALLY affordable. I know right?

Though you do sacrifice beauty for practicality when going the cheap way, you can always run to your local michaels or jo-ann fabrics to find cute fabric or paint, and basically anything that could spruce up the simplest of dorm rooms.

So what are you waiting for? GO GET CREATIVE!